2019 North Star Tryout Camp

Who We Are

A Team That Works

Head Coach:  Mike Muller

Email:  mmuller@breezypointnorthstars.com                                         Phone:  218-536-9308

General Manager:  Cory Bergquist

Email:  cbergquist@breezypointnorthstars.com                                 Phone:  218-562-5672

Marketing Director:  Sarah Swanstrom

Email:  sswanstrom@breezypointresort.com                                      Phone:  218-562-5678

Billet Coordinator:  Julie Kintzler

Email:  jkintzler@breezypointresort.com                                                  Phone:  218-851-9088


What To Know

Keep It Simple


Tryouts and lodging will be held at the Breezy Point Hockey Center in Breezy Point, MN.  The physical address is: 7370 County Rd.  11, Breezy Point, MN 56472.


The cost per player will be $175.00 per player.  Cost will include lodging and ice time.

Ice Time:

Players attending will get 10/1.25 hours of ice time during attendence.  Monday will consist of 2 practice sessions.  Tuesday through Friday will consist of 8 scrimages.  Each day will have a morning and afternoon session.  Players will have an assigned locker room to leave their gear in for airing out and drying during the week.


Breezy Point Hockey Center has an on-site dormitory that will house the players for the week of the camp.  Players will be allowed to come in on Sunday evening if needed.


Players will be responsible for feeding themselves before, in-between and after their ice times.


Players will be responsible for their own transportation.

What to Bring:

Please limit baggage down to the neccessities; Hockey equipment, a weeks worth of clothing, 2 towels, toiletries, water bottle, drinks, snacks, sleeping bag/sheets, pillow and any other essentials.


Camp will be limited to 100 players and is an open camp.  8-12 goalies and 88-92 skaters.